How to become a licensed Florida real estate agent.

Becoming a licensed Florida state real estate agent can be a pain if you don’t know the path. The steps to become a licensed Florida real estate agent can be summed up in 6 steps. Let’s look at the process.

  • 63 Hour Pre-license Course

Your first step to become a licensed Florida state real estate agent is to get a 63 hour accredited pre-licensing course. Our accredited online Florida state real estate agent courses can be found here. There are also live classroom courses available as well. Kiehn Realty Company’s online real estate courses are very cost effective and accredited. This should be your first step to obtain your Florida state real estate agent License.

  • Fingerprints

Part of Florida’s requirements to become a licensed real estate agent you will need to have your fingerprints taken and sent to the Florida state Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The only way to do this is through a “Livescan Vendor”. The ORI number for real estate agents is FL920010Z. This number tells the DBPR what department to send the fingerprints to.

  • Apply

You must apply to become a licensed Florida state real estate agent. The FREC (Florida Real Estate Commission) will need to receive a application with all the appropriate fees paid. They will also need the electronic finger prints. This is why getting your fingerprints is step number 2.

  • Take the Florida State Real Estate License Exam

You must now schedule and pass the Florida state real estate exam. Kiehn Realty Company also offers Florida state real estate agent exam prep. The examp prep can be found here. The Florida state real estate exam can only be taken at a Pearson Vue testing facility. You must contact Pearson Vue and schedule your exam. In order to pass your exam you must score at least a 75%. If you fail you can only retest one time in a calendar year.

  • Sign on with Kiehn Realty Company

After you pass the exam you must be employed / sponsored by a broker. This is the perfect time to join the Kiehn Realty Company team. Click here to learn more. Once you pass the test and sign up with us our sign you under the broker online. You now have an active Florida state real estate sales associate license.

  • Post-licensing Course

In order to keep your license active you must complete an accredited real estate post-licensing course. Kiehn Realty Company offers these online as a convenience for our agents. You can find our online Florida state post-licensing course here.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us. You can contact Kiehn Realty Company here.

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