The Best Investment You Will Ever Make!

In our opinion, real estate is the best investment for one's money.  Real estate has helped many of the wealthiest people accumulate more wealth.  Real estate has many benefits:


  • Excellent Rate of Return

  • Tax Benefits

  • Appreciation

  • Tangible Asset 

  • You can even use your 401k or IRA to purchase these properties!

Why Choose a Turnkey Investment?


​Everyone has said it, "I do not want the headache of dealing with tenants."  Let a Kiehn Real Estate Investment Specialist aid you in the joy and profit of owning a rental or vacation property. Kiehn Realty Company will:


  • Find Properties

  • Repair / Renovate

  • Place Tenant

  • Manage the Property

  • Deal with Any Tenant Issues

Property Management:


Already own an investment property but are looking for a less active role?  With a unique approach, Kiehn Realty Company can manage your investment for you. Unlike the current marketplace, Kiehn Realty Company does not charge a tenant placement fee.  The incentive for other companies is to place subpar tenants with high turnover rates, meaning more fees for the property managers. Instead we only charge a percentage of OCCUPIED units!  Our incentive is to keep your investment full and performing with quality tenants that will not turnover as fast as our competitors.