Satisfied customers that listed their house on the MLS for 1 one percent
Mansion at 5275 61st Ave South

Luxury Listing Fee Only 1%

Closing More Than $8 Million In 2017, Kiehn Realty Company Is The Top 1% Full Service Real Estate Brokerage.  Here are some reasons customers love using Kiehn Realty Company to list their house.
#1. Fast & Convenient Service

When we say "Fast Service," we mean it.  You're getting the best service at an unbeatable price. Kiehn agents are ready to serve your real estate needs at a moment's notice, when it's convenient for you.

#2. Bang For Your Buck

When Kiehn Realty Company lists your house on the MLS for 1%, your house is posted to the SAME MLS that other real estate brokerages use.  They typically charge 3% for the same service!

#3. Discount Price, Premium Service

The only thing discounted is their price.  Kiehn Realty Company is a premium full service real estate brokerage that helps all the way through till the deal is done. From pricing a house until you hand over the keys a Kiehn Agent will be there to serve.